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Agility Commands

Commands Meaning
Sit Sit
Down lay down
Up stand up
Stay do not move until commanded free (leave on right leg)
Free dog is free to move around/release
Wait another command coming soon
Left turn left turn
right turn right turn
about turn turn around w/dog on outside
u-turn turn around w/dog on inside
halt stop and dog sits
Front dog comes to seated stop right square in front of you, quickly
Come dog comes to heel
Heel dog seated on your left w/front legs/shoulders even w/your legs
Let’s go you & dog start walking (from left leg)
Platz lay down from a moving position
teeter walk over teeter-totter
tire jump through tire
slow walk slowly
fast walk fast
easy slow down pace/calm down
weave weave around weave poles (always enter from left side of poles)
wall/climb climb the A-frame
_______ dog walk & crossover
over hurdles
Bar hurdles
Solid hurdles
Wing hurdles
Brush hurdles
_______ long jump
table pause table
box pause box
spot stop and look for prize
mark stop and mark where bird/throw fell
fetch retrieve bird/throw
drop drop the fetched item
go retrieve item/ run
ok general release
ok go release to go retrieve thrown item/run for frisbee
baby fuzzy toy
ball ball
toy/frisbee frisbee
look look at me
loadup enter car, cage, backyard, whatever
off get off person/counter/whatever
chute collapsible chute
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